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The social consciousness and global demand for clean energy is already increasing. PeakWorx provides turnkey solutions in the field of Wind & Solar Technology. Achieving cost efficiency by leveraging its cutting-edge research, the firm provides implementation expertise, financial syndication and technical consultancy to clients and governments. We bring together innovations in products, tools, solutions and technology that combined with their applications, come together to enhance the needs of today’s power demanding world. Whether it is in the form of wind energy or solar energy. Our specialized team of consultants can be provide every need related to fulfilling the power needs of today can be addressed in greener way. We work very closely with our clients and have detailed discussions about their concerns and needs. After an understanding the exact requirements, we suggest and provide the best solution, in some cases multiple solutions to the clients need.

green energy solution in pakistanThe Energy Division within PeakWorx Group consists of a team of professionals consultants that specialize in providing leading edge technology, products and solutions for the Renewable Energy sector. In the recent past, there has been a growing interest in solar and wind power technologies. Our in-house technical team has succeeded in creating a novel infrastructure for developing economic solutions using renewable energy. We are present across the globe with marketing team to explain and support team to serve. With extensive experience in this field, we have been involved in prestigious and coveted projects in various countries. Lower carbon footprints will directly translate to monetary benefits under the expected new world economic order. As the world’s population is increasing and living standards improving, our collective demand for natural resources is fast outpacing the planet’s capacity to sustain the present ways of life. This directly translates to a crumbling pressure on the energy infrastructure of the world.
Clean Development Mechanisms or so called CDM is the one among the three flexibility mechanisms, is defined by Article 12 in Kyoto Protocol under United Nation Frameworks Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) with purposes of assisting Annex I parties to archive their committed amount of emission reduction in cost effective ways and on the other hand, contribution for sustainable development of Non Annex I parties.

Description in the Kyoto Protocol
In the Article 12, CDM is defined as CDM Activities shall be hosted by Non Annex I parties which ratified the Kyoto Protocol, validated byDesignated Operational Entity (hereinafter referred as “DOE”) and registered by CDM Executive Board (hereinafter referred as “EB”)after review by a Registration and Institution Board.

We are representing the following Intentional Brands in green energy

LUMI Installation in Pakistan

  • Nishat Mills Limited in Lahore (1580/pcs )
  • Nishat Mills Limited in Faisalabad (854/pcs)
  • Nishat Bhikki (254/pcs)
Note: above amount including street lights, flood lights and indoor lights such as ceiling down lights, tube lights, tracking lights, grille lights, etc.