Software Development

Being one of the stable software houses in Pakistan, peakworx aims to supply clients a quality database integration and web design service that enables them to remain in competition by utilizing latest development platforms, database integration tools, newest project management and software development services in Pakistan.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing in Pakistan is the skillful art of communicating or conveying your message to global clients through an effective combination of images, icons, logo and word. It is most effective and efficient way of conveying the message in very short time so graphic design services in Peshawar play a very unique role in success of every business. Peakworx team is skilled in Logo design, business card design, one page brochure design, penaflex, posters, flyer design and much more.

SEO Services

Peakworx provides reliable SEO in Pakistan and other countries around the world. A dependable search engine optimization company can support your business develop by launching your digital brand and certifying that you have the greatest possible Internet existence. A lot of companies fail to take benefit of the power of the Internet because their advisers do not have the necessary experience or knowledge to recognize new markets and discover new opportunities.

ERP Systems

As enterprise resource planning system attempts to amalgamate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve diverse departments’ particular requirements. So our ERP systems in Pakistan are designed to suit any business size and determine that all programs are linking up successfully, ultimately, saving time and money. Our efficient team professional’s work with clients to deliver unique ERP system in Pakistan, modified to fit your organizational requirements.

GIS Services

Peakworx is a verified professional in GIS services and solutions. We offer database integrations and geographic information systems to our valuable clients to satisfy the most challenging data analysis and management tasks. Geographical Information System provides a powerful and effective way to explore the world. It can serve as analysis device, information management tool, and visualization system across different disciplines.

Microsite Design

Microsite design, also known as Minisite or Weblet, is a small independent websites that present information, hold users and provide interaction on one product, service or event. They are add-on to your main website and make it easier for users to find your offerings. We are one of the leading microsite design in Pakistan having professional team to develop micro-sites for corporate clients.

Web Design

Peakworx as one of the top web design company in Pakistan makes your business unique by identifying your core business qualities and making them visible to target market. Our goal is to achieve web site design with dynamism, simplicity along with the provision of Easily Navigational Interface incorporated with real world functionalities. We provide high quality and professional web design services within your allocated budget and your defined time.

Web Development

Peakworx team members are expert of providing web development in Pakistan and abroad. Our highly experienced developers introduce a touch of innovation to your site and CMS templates. Peakworx is an integrated web design and development company. Our team of web development in Pakistan provides fast-loading functional website with user friendly interface having smooth navigational and SEO friendly features. Our professionals know what better works in the industry as we have served a lot of companies.

Portal Development

Peakworx aims to provide cost effective, time saving, unique and efficient web portal design to their clients around the world. We strive to provide best technical services to our valued clients to help them achieve business success at their first glance. Our web portals are user friendly and can easily be navigated. We develop web portal design to maximize user interaction; we bridge the gap between organizations and their viewers.

Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization is an application or script which is made by open community at very low cost and it can be used and modified by anybody freely. Open source software has been used in E-business for numerous years. The open source customization is a successful way to start any business at ease in less time with less cost and a higher rate of security. It is the era of Internet and there are hundreds and thousands of similar websites on the net addressing the similar subject link.

Email Marketing

Internet and email marketing in Pakistan is among the best services that Peakworx delivers. In this fast and hectic era no one has time to read long articles or ads by turning the pages of newspapers, or browse any website to find out info about offered services of any or a particular organization. Nowadays due to busy schedule most of us are always busy, no matter how much time bound we are, we always check our electronic mails every day, and we all keep on checking our Mails throughout the day.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is really a varied landscape by which prices, storage capacity, databases, email options, along with other elements are key factors that separate one service from the other. Most of Web hosting companies in Pakistan offer dedicated, shared and VSP hosting. It does not imply that they are the only standard services website hosting companies offer.