NR Electric

NR Electric is a leading solution provider specializing in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution for customers worldwide. The company is one of the largest protection and control manufactures in the world. NR Electric occupies an important position in Power Electronics Applications and in the Flexible HVDC transmission fields. NR Electric focuses on the research and development of innovative products and solutions with unique patents and know-how. We combine products, systems and services, to provide comprehensive solutions in the following fields:

  • Integrated Secondary System Solutions: Integrated Secondary Systems consist of a full spectrum of hardwareand software solutions for power system protection, automation and management.
  • Power Electronics Application Solutions: NR Electric’s power electronic-based equipment provides proven and cost-effective solutions to achieve a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS). NR Electric’s power electronics solutions increase capacity, enhance flexibility, and improve the reliability and quality of the smart grid.
  • Flexible HVDC Transmission Solutions: LCC-HVDC andVSC-HVDC (Voltage Source Converter based HVDC) are efficient alternatives for bulk power transmission. Based on years of experience working with voltage levels of up to 800kV, thyristor and IGBT control technology, NR Electric has developed LCC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC solutions that are reliable, economical and field-proven.
Built on cutting-edge technology, NR Electric serves power utilities and industrial enterprises with world-class products, all-around solutions and superior services. Our innovative and proven solutions improve the safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness of any power system.

NR Electric commitment is to continuously provide excellence to our global customers. Our core mission is to solve practical problems, and to enhance the security and reliability of powersystems with our down-to-earth attitude, innovative solutions, products and services. In recent years, NR Electric has been continuously improving its localization level to realize fast and professional pre-sale and after-sale services. So far, NR Electric has founded subsidiaries and established technical service centers in different regions all over the world.