PSO Petrol Pump

Project Description

 Pakistan State Oil
Solar Power Project

Pakistan State Oil Petrol Pump Solar Power Project

Introduction of Customer:
Pakistan State Oil (PSO), is the nation’s largest energy company, and is currently engaged in the marketing and distribution of various POL products including Motor Gasoline (Mogas), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Furnace Oil (FO), Jet Fuel (JP-1), Kerosene, CNG, LPG, Petrochemicals and Lubricants. In addition to these products, we also import other products based on their demand patterns. PSO’s commitment to the energy security of Pakistan has been enhanced by diversification into Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel for power generation and other sectors.

Project Scope:
Scope of work included the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the works (EPC works), involved in the proposed Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant. It consists of the design, engineering, procurement, supply/ transportation of materials at site, project management, unloading of materials at site, storage at site, handling of material at site, installation of all mechanical equipment’s, piping, cabling and Appurtenances, Instrumentation and electrical system and other equipment’s within the scope of Technical Proposal as detailed out in this bid. PeakWorx system offered worlds renowned brands with quality standards that was deployed by qualified technicians under supervision of engineers and project managers. PeakWorx promised state of the art solution and is still serving.