Walk Through Gates, Metal Detectors

Pakistan Air Force Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) State Bank of Pakistan Users List Elektral® Inc. was founded in 1978 at Izmir, Turkey. Product rangets from 03 zones to 15 zones detection with multiple administrative options like sensitivity, backup, software, etc.


  • Various Multi-zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors with 3/6/9/15 Zones.
  • 246 adjustable sensitivity steps with “Jailhouse Sensitivity” Mode for ultra high sensitivity. ThruScan® WTMDs can detect even half cutter blade.
  • ThruScan® Walk-Through Metal Detectors use VLF (Very Low Frequency) Technology which is harmless to human health, pregnant women and pace maker users.
  • Bi-Color LED Trac Control indication (Green-Pass throughput rate of approx 60 persons/minute.
  • ThruScan® Walk-Through Metal Detectors are equipped with 5 Digit Counter for In/Out Counters (Visible/Invisible), Alarms are counted separately and Statistical data can be saved.