Power Scan

PowerScan Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “PowerScan”), a corporation based in Beijing, is one of the world's leading integrated companies offering state-of-the-art imaging technologies and providing innovative security solutions and services. Our success is driven by our people’s commitment and perseverance executing with excellence, applying innovative security technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.
PowerScan has established a rational echelon of talent of delivering products and services for the threat & contraband detection. As a strategic partner of Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia and other world famous research institutes, PowerScan has brought together global technology leaders in the fields of radiation imaging, 3D stereovision, and etc.
The Dual View Portal X-ray Scanner (hereinafter referred to as “the DVP scanner”), developed by PowerScan Company Limited, is built into a high throughput portal X-ray screening system. Under the “Straight-Through” working mode, the DVP scanner indicates to the driver that the system is ready via the traffic control system. When the driver drives through the inspection lane directly with side guidance at speeds up to 18km/h, the DVP scanner can activate and complete the whole inspection flow automatically. The DVP scanner is ideal for screening various vehicles, sea containers and other cargoes for terrorist threats and contrabands such as narcotics, explosives, arms, and radioactive materials.
Technical Features
  • An intelligent high throughput security inspection system
  • A safe, reliable, standard and compatible security inspection system
  • An uniform and user-customized small footprint security inspection system
Innovative Technologies Application
  • Ultra-low dosage & super low power green environmental inspection system
  • Unique dynamic 3D imaging technology for perfect sense of reality
  • Optional dual energy technology for material discrimination function
With unique dynamic 3D imaging technology, the DVP scanner provides a high-performance radioactive imaging method and device to obtain stereoscopic scanning images quickly for container/cargo scanning. The device structure is simple and compact, just scan container/cargo for once, and 3D perspective scanning image can be easily obtained. With this unique and patented technology, more detailed and accurate information about the goods shapes, locations inside containers will be obtained for viewers so as to be helpful for their judgment. Unlike conventional 3D technologies, the innovative dynamic 3D will provide viewers with crystal scanning images free from flickering or crosstalk.
3D Technical Features
  • Dynamic 3D function with latest 3D glasses and displayer
  • Latest 3D glasses - electron wave free, battery free and lighter
  • Scanning images are free from flickering & crosstalk and much more comfortable to be observed for your eyes
Dual Energy Technical Features
  • Innovative ultra-low dosage dual energy technology solution for material discrimination function
  • Differentiate organic and inorganic materials with flexible color coding of scanning images to identify threats easily